Cleaning & Care

The expressive faces of the play dolls really appeal to any doll’s mother. With their personality and charm Götz dolls pull on the heart strings of any little girl. Outstanding quality and trendy design make these dolls a loyal companion for any child.

Cleaning and care instructions for Gotz play dolls

Outer cleaning:

If your doll gets dirty the outside can be cleaned with a damp cloth and some mild detergent at any time.

Hard-bodied dolls:

Hard-bodied dolls are made completely from vinyl.
This material is washable and can be washed with water up to 30° C. 
All dolls should be dried carefully afterwards. The dolls cannot be put in the tumble dryer as they could be damaged (deformed).

Soft-bodied dolls:

Soft-bodied dolls have a padded body. The head and parts of the arms and legs are made from vinyl.
These dolls can be handwashed with cold water or with temperatures up to 30° C or alternatively in a washing machine. 
If using the washing machine put the doll inside a white pillowcase to avoid any color transfer from the pillowcase. 
All dolls should be dried carefully afterwards. The dolls can be put in the tumble dryer.

Inner cleaning of Aquini dolls:

After feeding (not with anything other than water) or bathing the doll it is important to wash the inside of the doll. The inside of the doll can become contaminated and may lead to mould formation if not cleaned. If possible try not to feed the doll with food like milk or oatmeal, for example, as this may cause moldering of the doll very quickly.

To clean the inside of the doll fill the little bottle with lukewarm water and some dish soap and fill the doll. Repeat this process several times until all traces have disappeared. The doll should then be left upright on the potty for ½ an hour allowing all fluid to drain.

Dolls clothing:

Dolls clothing can be washed cold or at temperatures up to 30° C. It should then be air-dried and not dried in the tumble dryer.
After the clothing has dried it can be ironed with the iron on the lowest setting.


The play doll’s hair can be washed with lukewarm water and mild shampoo.
After washing the hair can be combed or styled with e.g. curlers. 
The doll's hair can be air-dried or dried with a hairdryer on the lowest heat. When drying the hair with a hairdryer please make sure that the distance between the doll and the hairdryer is at least 20 cm to avoid damaging the doll and or hair.