Finding the Correct Size

Our high-quality clothing is suitable for nearly all current doll models!

And it’s so easy to find the correct size:

Baby dolls

 (icon-babypuppen_gr.gif)Baby dolls and baby doll clothing each display a baby doll symbol so it’s really quick to find!

The clothing is divided into three different sizes:

  • Size S suitable for dolls sizes 13 inch (30-33 cm)
  • Size M suitable for dolls sizes 16.5 inch (42-46 cm)

Our size M perfectly fits a 17 inch (42 cm) baby doll for example!

Standing dolls


The standing dolls and standing dolls clothing each display an appropriate standing doll symbol and are also really quick to find.

  • Size XL is suitable for standing dolls sizes 18-19.5 inch (45-50 cm)

It is important to differentiate between the standing and baby dolls as the clothing for standing dolls is made narrower than for the baby dolls.