Quality & Safety

Gotz quality is reliable. This is why all materials used are tested according to strict guidelines. All of our products conform to the currently applicable American Toy Safety Standard ASTM F963-11 & CPSIA Sect. 103, 108 and European Toy Safety Standard EN-71 part 1-3. Gotz dolls and accessories are free from fragrances, BPA, lead, phtalates (softeners), azo dyes and fire retardants.

For easy guidance through our Gotz world you will find the following icons with our dolls and accessories: 

Baby doll Standing doll
Suitable for children 18 months and up Cold machine washable and can be tumble dried 
Suitable for children 3 years and up Can drink and use the potty
  Supports developmental creativity and free play Comes with pacifier
Tested in accordance with strict guidelines,  without hazardous azo dyes & phtalate-free Comes with diaper
Highest quality with certificate & quality seal Bath baby
Highest quality standards, it is numbered & limited Multi-joint standing doll
Light and particularly soft material Indicates how many pieces are included


Where do Gotz dolls and accessories come from?

Our aim is that your Gotz doll becomes a life long companion. It may even be passed on to the next generation in your family. Thanks to our high quality standards, Gotz dolls are very durable. This is why we focus on fantasy, quality and loving manufacture of our dolls and accessories. They are individually made with great care and by hand. Among others, they are produced in Spain, Europe (Baby Pure Lina and Linus) and in the Far East. 

Creative play endows children with a world they can experience in active role-play only. Even more so they can assimilate all the impressions they have daily. The neutral look of our Gotz girls and babies allows the child to interpret any emotion like joy, sorrow or affection - they can feel understood. Our Gotz dolls and accessories are exactly made for this! They are designed and developed at our headquarter in the small town of Rodental in the South of Germany. Our team is happy to assist doll lovers from all around the world from this place when there are questions and concerns about our Gotz world.

Is there something you would like to tell us? Please contact us at shop@goetz-puppen.de and we’ll be happy to assist you!